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Meet Nate Johnson...

A Proven Record Of Success

I am a self starter, determined to "one up" my last performance. This drive allows me to work autonomously towards a goal without the need to be given a set of directions. Among my many accomplishments I have:

Inc 5000 - Leadpages
Inc 5000 Plasticprinters
Get down to the penny reporting on your marketing performance

Data Driven And Results Oriented

When it comes to feedback and decisions I turn to the data. I am completely at home with Google Analytics, split testing, user insight tools, and surveys. I love dialing in and improving conversion rates, and keeping down to the penny reports on results.

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Contacts Managed
Paid Search Budget Managed

Dedicated To Growth And Development

I am a lifelong learner and truly enjoy pursuing mastery in my field.

To fuel this I read, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, keynotes, and network with other high performers. I also spend time teaching, and getting my thoughts down on paper (or a whiteboard) with regularity.

This allows me to have ample material to work from when I need to come up with a creative solution.

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Sergey - Testimonial

"I worked with Nate as a vendor providing PPC services for his company PlasticPrinters. It was a privilege doing business with Nate. He is an effective leader and a marketer who knows how to generate demand for one of the most competitive printing industry."

Sergey Rusak
Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Melissa Testimonial - Hubspot

"Not only has Nate been a joy to work with, but he continuously meets and exceeds goals and expectations with his marketing efforts. An enthusiastic, energetic, and dedicated marketing manager, Plastic Printers is lucky to have someone like Nate on their team"

Melissa Abreu
Sr. Channel Consultant, Hubspot

Sarah - Testimonial

"Nate is a reliable, hard worker and is always looking for ways to improve. He constantly seeks out fresh ideas that he can implement in his work, from reading industry blogs and podcasts to brainstorming his own ideas to bring a fun and thought-provoking aspect to the work he produces."

Sarah Kaufman
Front End Developer, Wunderman